Bukit Dinding Hiking Oct 2017

I created a list of easy hiking trails in Klang Valley that I wanted to go at the beginning of the year. Bukit Dinding hiking trail was the only unchecked one on the list until one fine Sunday!

According to online sources, Bukit Dinding is one of the tallest hills in Kuala Lumpur. I don’t know how true it is but being one of the tallest doesn’t seem to earn it any popularity.

bukit dinding parking
Cars lined the roadside leading to the entrance of Bukit Dinding hiking trail (behind me).

There were only about 20 cars parked by the roadside in an orderly manner when I arrived at about 7.15am on a Sunday. That’s not a lot compared to Bukit Gasing, Bukit Kiara, Kota Damansara Community Trail and even Setia Alam Community Trail.

I suspect most of the cars lined there were not even hikers because there seemed to be a Bukit Dinding Challenge happening that Sunday. What challenge? A bunch of super fit people was running up and down the hill multiple times! If I heard them right, they had to do it 10 times. That’s insane!! 🤤 I hope I heard it wrong.

Why was that insane? That’s 50km up and down a hill. Also, the start of Bukit Dinding was super steep… I wished I could measure the steepness. If you’ve been to Bukit Sapu Tangan, I think this one stretch of Bukit Dinding was steeper than Bukit Sapu Tangan.

steep hike bukit dinding
One of the challengers running up the steep road. I feel her pain just seeing her run up.

However, I found this hill so much easier than Bukit Sapu Tangan. Firstly, the steep section was short. Secondly, only that part at the beginning of the hike was steep (while you’re still energetic); the rest felt like a slow climb up. In fact, at many sections, it felt like a stroll in the park.

Thirdly, there’s no cheat feeling at this hill. LOL. Hiking to the peak, the route just kept going upwards, unlike many hikes where you go up, just to find yourself going down a little, before going up again (and down and up) until you finally reach the peak.

bukit dinding height
Up all the way. Down all the way! This elevation is recorded against time so it’s not an accurate depiction of the terrain.

Fyi, the Bukit Dinding hiking trail that I took was tarmac and concrete road 90% of the way until the peak. The other 10% were probably just broken.

bukit dinding trail
Broken road? Otherwise, it would be a tarmac road to hike or run up Bukit Dinding.

There’s a hiking trail on the dirt road too but I didn’t read about it online until I saw it there so I didn’t take that route. That route seemed quite scenic because of the rubber trees — tall and straight, I imagine the gaps between the trees creating amazing sun rays on a misty yet sunny morning. 😍

hiking trail at bukit dinding setiawangsa
Detour into the rubber plantation.

I was expecting to hike on tarmac road anyway so I wore my sports shoes instead of my rubber shoes (Adidas Kampung). I don’t have sports shoes for hiking thus I really don’t like to go on dirt roads without my trusty Adidas Kampung.

Back to the hike, the hiking trail at Bukit Dinding ended at a telecommunication tower and station located at the peak. Was that why RK was staring at his phone screen throughout the hike? He said the mobile internet was fast. 😅

telco tower bukit dinding
Landmark #1 at the top of Bukit Dinding.
telecommunication station setiawangsa
Landmark #2 at the peak of Bukit Dinding. The challengers had a check point station up here, equipped with water and tent.

I’m guessing the reason this hill was not populated was that of the lack of a lookout point. It’s such a waste though because KL city center (KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers included), Tabur Hill and Genting Highlands were within the vicinity.

How did I know? Drone. 😅

bukit dinding peak
RK and I at the peak of Bukit Dinding. Trees blocked the view from every angle.
bukit dinding view of tabur hill and genting
If you can fly like the drone, you can see this amazing view of the city and mountain in the background at the peak of Bukit Dinding.
bukit dinding lookout point
If you can’t fly, this is the best view you can get at mid-hike. Quite sad I know…
sun flare photography hiking
One of my favourite activities during hiking: hunt for sun flare and sun ray. Here I caught the sun flare shining on the trail behind me. Note the dangling cable; the cable went all the way up the hill.

Setiawangsa was definitely very far for me from Klang but I wouldn’t mind going back there if friends want to go there. Especially if anybody wanna explore the dirt road trail with me!

BUT! I’d definitely remember to bring mosquitoes repellent. Got bitten by so many mosquitoes when we stopped at the peak to fly the drone.

coconut stall bukit dinding entrance
This is the landmark on Google Maps. The coconut stall was located right at the entrance of the hiking trail of Bukit Dinding.
bukit dinding hiking route map
The hiking route up and down should be exactly the same. Not sure why there were gaps in the map here and there.

13 thoughts on “Bukit Dinding Hiking Oct 2017”

  1. Hi. Great article. Thanks for the info. You mentioned that you prepared list of hiking trails. It would be great, if you could post an article listing out all the hiking trails (ranked from easy to moderate to tough), it would be of great motivation for beginners like me.

  2. Heard from fellow using another trail (rubber zone) much thrill and adventure…luckily im going this 1/1/2018 …rainforest-tracker’s.blogspot.my

  3. wow it’s useful information about Bukit Dinding Setiawangsa. For your information there was another trail to the peak of Dinding.

      1. Hi. The other trail is inside the rubber farm. The trail was very nice. An old road. You can start hike from Setiawangsa Water Tank. 15/56 Road. For more detail maybe we can arrange a good day to hike Bukit Dinding via the trail.

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