Solo Hike at Setia Alam Community Hiking Trail Jan 2018

My first hike of 2018 turned out to be an impromptu solo hike at Setia Alam Community Hiking Trail. I’ve travelled solo to Taiwan last year April and kinda hiked solo to arrive at a shrine. However, it wasn’t like a 4.5km hike that I had today.

I’ve always wanted to hike more since I recovered from my abdomen surgery but the problems are (1) waking up early, (2) driving to hiking site and (3) getting hiking companions. Lazy factors aside, syncing up schedules with friends is quite a challenge. Moreover, most of friends who hike are not in Klang so I end up aggravating problem #1 and #2.

I woke up at 7am this morning and thought hard about whether or not I should exercise. Well, doctor wants me to exercise at least 3 hours a week and I don’t think I’ve ever hit the target. After 30min of contemplation, I decided to change into sports attire and just head out.

Cap on! Earphone on! Was considering a sunshade because the sun was quite high already but that’d be weird.

Honestly, I really wasn’t sure about it. I knew safety wouldn’t be a problem because there are always hikers along the trail at Setia Alam on Sunday morning. In fact, my mom was also hiking there about 10min before I started mine. And as long as I stay on the familiar trail, I wouldn’t get lost (like before). My biggest concern was if I’d feel unwell midway. 😂

Me feeling unwell during a hike is a real problem. I started blogging about hiking because I pretty much blacked out twice during my hike at Ah Pek Hill even though other hikers call it an easy hike. Besides blacking out, I sometimes have the tendency to get tummy ache during hike too. Holding in makes me feel nauseated before I want to black out again. So yeah.

But I managed to gather enough confidence that my body could handle it so I headed out. Gulps.

Funny thing was, I didn’t tell my mom I’d go solo hiking because she’d say no. Plus, she’s there too so she’d ask me to follow her. But I really wanted to do it alone as a personal milestone and some me-time.

I mentally prepared some scripts to tell her in case I bump into her. I tried to make my presence subtle by wearing a cap (even though it’s bright pink). I tried not to lift my head while hiking until I spotted her at the first peak, heading to another direction from a distance! Wow, I actually caught a sight of my mom from the back some 50m away. Phew.

Photo was taken 5sec after my mom went into the foliage. FYI, this way to Bukit Sapu Tangan. I’ve never been there before because I heard the trail is pretty long.

From that moment, I felt free. My body felt lighter for a moment before my legs turned heavy. “Oh man. Will I faint from the heat and sweat before I reach the top?” as I pulled myself up to the peak.

Wee! I made it!

The iconic Jalur Gemilang at Peak Garden.

I spent some time people watching and eavesdropping. Because why not? Then I considered chilling and reading my e-book under the shelter…until I was reminded of the scorching sun and my mom. LOL. I parked my car at a prominent spot. Even though I knew my mom would take longer due to the route she took, I didn’t want to risk being carried away.

It was past 9am when I descended Peak Garden. I decided to take Route B down even though I was only familiar with Route A because the first peak (The Wall) at Route A is an open terrain (read: get BBQ-ed by the sun).

Two thoughts came to my mind as I was taking Route B down the hill. Firstly, no wonder I tore something inside my abdomen when I hiked 3 months post-surgery. I could feel my core muscles being engaged as I cautiously hiked down this steeper terrain.

Secondly, stick to Route A (the easy and popular trail) for female solo hikers. As I was hiking up via Route A, I bump into hikers every 30 steps. In fact, it felt like a party at The Wall at 8.45am. But Route B was noticeably quieter at 9.30am. I probably only bumped into 10 groups of hikers during my 30-min descend. Another option is to hike slightly earlier, between 7.30am to 8.00am perhaps.

Anyway, I think I’ve written enough about the trail at Setia Alam. For beginners, stick to Route A before venturing others. Be ready to get lost a little if you’re unfamiliar with the route. Signages are improving but still insufficient. The route is popular over the weekend so you can just follow along. Don’t be surprised to see many little kids and sometimes dogs hiking under supervision; just admire how they hit the trail and use it as motivation to keep going.

Lastly, enjoy the beauty of nature along the way! I think I’ve stopped the most times this round to admire the gift of nature. Guess hiking alone gave me more freedom to follow my pace and gaze.

Always my favourite part of the trail because it’s not like your typical forest trail in Malaysia.
Green green green leaves.
Hi, ants! Where are you going? This tree trunk blocked my way but I liked it that way. #obstaclecourse
Trust me. My eyes brightened when I saw the sun flare. This was in the middle of the trail.
Nice or not? Actually, it was crazy hot. But I kinda saw the ray so even though my eyes were blinded, I took this photo regardless. That was at the end of my hike.
The trail today. I overshot at one point and turned back after checking the trail map. Not sure why there’s a loop. Did I make a loop without realizing?
Taking Route B down was shorter but steeper thus I respect those who always choose to take that route up for the challenge.
Heart rate chart from my Fitbit Charge HR. 15min of Peak heart rate. That’s quite rare for me. I think my heart rate went especially high from the climb and heat. Took over 6k steps during the hike alone.
Mood lifted from the sweat session and personal sense of achievement. I think I can do this again.

If you know me personally and you want to go hiking with me, please invite me (for easy hikes haha). Let’s hike more~

P/s For the record, I told my mom about my solo hike already because I’ve proven that I could do it myself. Her heart dropped for 5sec but I knew she’d take it easier now than before. Action speaks louder than words, doesn’t it?

28 thoughts on “Solo Hike at Setia Alam Community Hiking Trail Jan 2018”

  1. Hi there, stumbled on your post when I was searching for setia alam hiking trail info. Enjoyed reading it, very informative. Be careful and enjoy hiking! 🙂

    1. Hi Kristy! Glad to hear that you enjoyed reading. Btw, a lot has changed at the trail since my post years ago. Please check out the trail’s Facebook group for latest info! Happy hiking!

  2. Hello! I realised a few trails with sign thats says enter at your own risk. Just wondering where it leads to if you know. Wanted to take those trails soon.

  3. Hi there! Was thinking to hike tomorrow morning at this scenic Hill right after much elaboration from you. Do comment if you would like to join me 🙂

  4. Hello there, I live in Shah Alam but there are not much trails here. Will try hiking at Setia Alam soon!

    1. Hi Zulfadly! Oh yes please do! Because the trail is threatened by development so they local community is trying to popularize the trail to gain more support to protect the trail. Enjoy your hike!

  5. HI there! Would you suggest me to go if I rarely go hiking? Will it be dangerous and will there be someone on the weekdays?

    1. Hi Jooeun! Trail A is fine for people who doesn’t hike much because it gets difficult gradually so you can stop before Peak Garden if you really can’t make it. It’s dangerous to go on weekday though because it’s quiet and the trail can get confusing for first timer. I suggest you go on weekend at about 7.30 or 8am.

  6. is there any hike on 27.1..2019 ? would like you bring me n my group, all slow pace, hope u dont mind

    1. Hi Siu Leong. Firstly, my apologies for seeing your msg late. Secondly, I hope you went and followed other regular hikers safely. There are typically hikers there on weekend morning. Around 7.30-8am would be good bet.

  7. Thanks for sharing! Will bump into route A since I am first time there.. Hope tomorrow will not be too less hiker, perhaps 😆

    1. Be careful when you’re there tomorrow. I have been seeing news about deforestation at the area. Not sure if all the trails are still assessible.

  8. Hello, nice story about Shah Alam community forest. I’m a newbie, living in Klang and a solo hiker too. Last Tuesday, I went to bukit gasing, for the first time. It was a good hiking experience for me. Tomorrow, I’ll go to Setia Alam. I’ll follow trail A, since it is easier, as you said. Cheers.

  9. Hi Maimunah . Where is Bukit Sarung Tangan? Haven’t heard of it. Couldn’t find it on Google either.

  10. Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog. I definitely will refer to you blog for my next hiking trip. I just started with Bukit Sarung Tangan last Sunday. Will repeat again this Saturday for more calorie burn. Keep writing. Thank you.

  11. Wonderful write up. I love hiking too. But haven’t tried this one. I usually do Bt Gasing but will try out this one day too.

    1. Hi, Jasbir! Thanks for dropping by! I like Setia Alam better because it’s less crowded and it’s easier to get parking. It’s also closer to home for me. Hope you like it when you try it one day!

  12. hello! thanks for the blog! I just get to know that there are plenty of hiking trails around KL – the only problem is finding a hiking buddy lol. Definitely will keep referring to your blog for new trails, thank you!

  13. Great blog! I’m one of the klang-rians and amazed that setia alam actually has hiking trail. Hoped to go badly but have zero experience there ahahaha

    1. Hi from another Pa Sang Lang! The trail is very popular on weekend morning. Go between 7.30am to 8.30am. It should be easy to trail behind other hikers.

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