Last Chinese New Year Before Marriage

Marriage. What a wonderful thing.

Chinese New Year. What a wonderful thing also.

But during the recent Chinese New Year, I realized that when both are put together, it may be quite an emo thing for a wife or wife-to-be. It was my last Chinese New Year celebrating it like I know it since I was born!

Next year, I’d likely not have reunion dinner with my mom, grandmother, siblings and my granduncle’s family! Next year, I’d likely not stay up till midnight for prayers in the Klang house I grew up in. And I don’t get to collect ang pows too!

So many traditions, routines and habits change when a woman gets married. Another worldly sacrifice by the woman race?

Suddenly I realized being in a multicultural or multiracial relationship robs no one from their festive traditions! How nice!

Anyway, my mom definitely added oil to the fire when she made me sleep at home for almost a week and told everyone she visited that it’s my last CNY with her, in an emo way. 😑

Another 11 months to go before the next CNY. Let’s see if I’m the type of wife who bawls during CNY because I miss home or the type who is totally cool with new traditions and new family. 🤔

What’s your guess?

Happy belated Chinese New Year!
Bonus: Close up of the handmade ang pow fishes I made with my sister.

2 thoughts on “Last Chinese New Year Before Marriage”

  1. Hi dear ,, your write ups and immeasurable strength brought much tears on me! . Am proud of you,, so young ,so much in stregth .. am in a kind ofstage like u, only different parts! Looking forward to eet you one of this days ! we go yam cha!

    1. Hi letchu! Thanks for your kind words. Are you a young cancer survivor too? You can join the Young Cancer Survivor Group! We have activities every month among the young survivors.

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