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The Making of Our Love Story Wedding Slideshow

I have a lot of favorites from our wedding and one of them is our Love Story slideshow. One of the bridesmaids stepped in and compiled this meaningful wedding slideshow for us last minute (within a week of the wedding). And it turned out so much better than what I envisioned.

The Script + Commentaries

Sept’12 @ Digi HQ.
They met at work.
Her first impression: “Wow. This ‘intern’ is talented.” (He wasn’t an intern. He just seemed so young that I assumed he was an intern like me.)
His first impression: “Yes. Finally a young girl at work.” (He met every new hire at Digi to assign laptops and had access to my personal information to know that I was younger than him before even seeing me.)

3 months later @ Dec’19.
They started grabbing secret lunches and dinners (aka. him confusing me by driving different cars to every date and me making him wait for me to finish work in his many different cars every time)
His nickname: “Weird IT Guy” (refer to note on driving different cars to every date)
Her nickname: “Blur Sotong” (because I was always at the IT department waiting mindlessly to have some freeware installed #intern #nobudget)
They chatted every day but were only best friends. (but appeared to be acquaintances when at work)

1.5 years later @ Mar’14
On 1.3.14, they started dating officially. #1314 (I swear I did not choose the date. He gave me an ultimatum so I was forced into the relationship. LOL.)

In the next years, they travelled a lot.
Hiked a lot. (somehow always in the same clothes. LOL)
Went through life’s trials together. (cancer, nuff said.)
Celebrated life together. (mostly our birthdays.)

4 years later @ July’18
They went for a birthday staycation but RK had another plan.
He gathered their close friends.
Kneeled on one knee.
And popped the question.
They’re engaged! (finally!)

1 Mar 2019 aka 5th dating anniversary.
They’re legally married. (yay to combining dating and marriage anniversaries!)

31 Aug 2019 aka T-1 day to 5.5-year anniversary. (no pun intended for choosing merdeka day because the meaning of merdeka is subjective)
They’re celebrating their union with their closest family and friends.
Thanks for witnessing and blessing our love story!

The Making Of

So before this slideshow turned out this way, this was what I envisioned: a slideshow to share the story of our journey together as a couple because the wedding was a celebration of our love so guests should at least know our story. Basically, I wanted to educate them. 😂

No one was gonna leave the wedding reception not knowing how we met or how long we’ve been together! (Even though I expected most of them to already have some clue. 😛 #expectations)

P/s Did I mention that we even did a quiz at the wedding to test them first? 😏

I also wanted to acknowledge the ups and downs that we went through together because those were the moments that made us the couple that our closest friends and family came to celebrate.

Also, I think most guests would expect to see pre-wedding photos during the wedding so we killed a lot of birds with one stone slideshow.

The slideshow may not seem like a lot to others but it made me smile and tear, being reminded of all the good and bad times we spent together. So you bet I’m super glad the slideshow was compiled. I cried during the first draft viewing (over breakfast at home). ❤️

And the bonus part was that the slideshow was compiled professionally by one of my bridesmaids (multimedia designer by profession) who couldn’t watch me procrastinate anymore 😅. I was really trying to put this together myself and just have her vet my video edit but I couldn’t even find time and brainpower to have it decently produced.

Two weeks before the wedding, she literally forced me to just give her the script and photos because she couldn’t bear to see me still trying to try video editing two week before my wedding 😆. She treated me like her client and bombarded me with follow up messages and deadlines! And she completed this within a weekend. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Aww. Thank you! It’s always good to have talented bridesmaids. Hahahaha.

I don’t know why I always end up doing a credit plug-in at the end of my wedding posts but if you’d like some help with any slideshow editing, feel free to look for Yves Wan! [portfolio | contact]

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