Our Top 15 Wedding Moments Captured On Camera

One of the best advices I heeded for the wedding was to: enjoy the moment. And you can bet RK and I did. In fact, I’ve never seen him happier than the night of our wedding reception and that made me even happier.

And one of the best decisions we made for the wedding was to hire Gim from H Plus Studio as our wedding photographer. I’ve seen his work at my best friend’s wedding and we’ve worked with him for our pre-wedding photoshoot. I have to say he’s really good at capturing moments!

There were so many moments during the wedding that have turned into beautiful memories. And thanks to Gim, a lot of these moments were captured on camera for me to relive them again.

There’s a saying that a picture paints a thousand words. I’d like to add on that every picture has a story so here I am, sharing the story behind some of the little (but significant) moments captured during the wedding.

When The Power Went Off

This photo may look pretty but the power actually went off unexpectedly 3 times right before the bridal entrance, unexpectedly putting the spotlight on the string light decor 😆. I’m glad guests saw the bright side (literally) of this mishap.

When The Bridal Entrance Was Self-Choreographed On The Spot

We did not do a rehearsal for anything (not a recommended plan but we were winging everything anyway). The bridal entrance was low-key chaotic! First the power cut. Then our photographer’s view almost got blocked on the aisle that RK was telling people to move away as we were walking in. At the same time, I was dragging him and asking him to walk slower because it’s hard to walk and the aisle was so short for our long march in song. No one noticed, right? 😅

When Kids Kept Chatting With The Bride

I did not expect that the guests that I engaged with the most were mostly kids 😅. We didn’t even have that many kid guests. But I had conversations about secret doors, ang pao, prawn, wasabi puffs, counting puffs, blue sparkling water, kissing and so much more with these kid guests. Not complaining though!

When Kids Ambushed The Stage

We had a private section for RK’s nine little nephew and nieces so that they could have their own space to play and join the party whenever they wanted to. It turned out that they preferred to join the party right on the stage and at the VIP table. And instead of enjoying their nuggets and spaghetti, they liked the cold prawns from our plates, including my grandmother’s. 😂

When The Bride Kept Crying

I’m a cry baby so I knew I’d cry during the wedding. I just didn’t know when and how much. It turned out I had no shame about crying tears of joy in front of my closest friends and family. Luckily RK was ready with tissue.

When The Kids Tried Drying The Tears

This was absolutely cute. It was GOLD. They were fanning me in an attempt to dry my tears. And they were so excited and had so much fun doing it!

When Guests Were Caught Not Socializing

This two sat next to one another the whole night and did not know each other’s names when I checked on them. I put my hopes too high on these two (otherwise) social butterflies.

When Kissing Menu Turned Family-Friendly

We had kissing menu where guests could do some lovey-dovey tasks to see the couple kiss. The kids learned about it and started kissing their siblings and parents to make RK and I kiss. Awww how sweet was that?! 😚

When Friends Got In The Spotlight

We had a lot of friends help us execute the wedding, including hosting the event and calling a lot of friends on stage for games. Here, the two hosts (friends from college) called another friend from college on stage for a kiss 😁. Mischief is our second name, yo!

When Champagne Pop Got Doubtful

This was one of the agendas that we couldn’t decide on. We already had a lot of meaningful things on our agenda and we struggled to find meaning for this gesture, except some tingling nerves for everyone. And we were right. RK burned a lot of calories while I was judging him. Haha!

When Kids Got Excited About “Blue Drink”

The kids were screaming, “I want! I want!” when they saw the blue sparkling drink (it’s not champagne). I thought I was surprised enough when I saw that the drink was blue. The kids reactions surprised me more! Such a funny moment.

When The Host Pulled Lame Jokes On The Fly

I knew Shaun is funny from all the lame jokes he made throughout our college years. But I didn’t expect him to be able to pull it off on stage, with the kids! He got the kids to introduce themselves. When one said, “I’m Zac”, he said to another, “You must be Y”. His best joke out of the many he did for the night. 👏🏻

When The Kids Ambushed The Stage Again!

This was one of the biggest highlights of our wedding. And it wasn’t even planned. I told the kids they could also sing if they want us to kiss again (kissing menu task). One of them suggested to sing Negaraku because it’s Merdeka Day. I rejected the idea and they proposed dancing. I said OK. They told the hosts and the impromptu dance performance happened. #salutethem 👍🏻

When Wasabi Russian Roulette Game Continued Off-Stage

We custom-made a cream puff tower as our wedding “cake”. The twist was three puffs had wasabi and we would randomly pick guests on stage to share the puffs with us. So many guests tried their luck on stage but no luck. RK’s university friends offered to find the wasabi puffs off stage. Two of them found two and one of the kids found one! He went running to his dad for water. 😂 #nochildabuse #thekidswantedtoplay

When Toasts Became Emotional Roller Coaster

We had many guests who meant a lot to both of us for the roles they played at different stages of our lives. It meant a lot to have them at our wedding and bless our marriage with words of wisdom. I felt so connected and touched listening through the 10 toasts. Yup, we had 10… Hehe.

Thanks to these little moments (and more behind the camera), I’d look back at the biggest celebration of our lives with such a warm and full heart. It was such a beautiful night; way better than I could have imagined (side note: my expectations are usually pretty high).

And for that, I am very thankful.

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