First Routine CT Scan Procedure at UMMC

Two years ago, my gastroenterologist (gastrointestinal specialist) ordered a CT scan after he did a colonoscopy on me. I was still drowsy from the anesthesia when I agreed to it so I didn’t remember much. This time, I was fully conscious.

A CT scan is basically multiple x-ray combined into one by computer so that the doctor can see cross-sectional. The doctor also inserts dye (called contrast) into the body so that the scan images are easier to see.

It is amazing because it was with CT scan that doctor determined the size and location of my cancerous tumor to decide on the surgical procedure. CT scan also helped determine if there’s anywhere else that they have to operate in case the cancer has spread.

One surgery, twelve cycles of chemotherapy and two years later, I was due for a routine CT scan. I’m guessing it’s called a “routine” scan because there’s nothing wrong and they just want to monitor and make sure. Continue reading First Routine CT Scan Procedure at UMMC

Solo Hike at Setia Alam Community Hiking Trail Jan 2018

My first hike of 2018 turned out to be an impromptu solo hike at Setia Alam Community Hiking Trail. I’ve travelled solo to Taiwan last year April and kinda hiked solo to arrive at a shrine. However, it wasn’t like a 4.5km hike that I had today. Continue reading Solo Hike at Setia Alam Community Hiking Trail Jan 2018

Cycling By Paddy Fields at Sekinchan

On Christmas Day this year, RK and I went for a day trip to Sekinchan with 9 of his nephews and nieces. Yes, 9 aged 1 to 11 years old. I don’t think I’ve travelled with this many kids before so I didn’t know what to expect. Definitely didn’t expect to go cycling because I wore a dress! Didn’t really come to my mind that cycling at Sekinchan by paddy fields was a thing in our tropical weather.

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Penang Food Journal Dec 2017

Over the weekend, RK and I went to Penang for his friends’ wedding. We didn’t plan where we were going to visit or eat during the trip because we were travelling with a Penangite. Definitely expected the local to recommend places in Penang. Recommend he did.

We ended up eating local food that I want to pen down because I noticed I had trouble remembering Penang food I tried in past visits, just because there were too many! I kept going, “Was it Penang where we ate this roti bakar under a big tree?“, “…some fresh healthy bread that your sister said was good?“, “…thick roti canai like Terengganu’s?“, etc. Continue reading Penang Food Journal Dec 2017

Hulu Tamu Hot Spring at Batang Kali, Hulu Selangor

About a week ago, I saw a friend posting about a hot spring retreat an hour away from KL. That perhaps lingered in my mind. After one of my consecutive long work days, I just felt like soaking myself in a hot spring. The search began for an overnight trip to a hot spring resort but rooms were full so we settled for a public hot spring in Batang Kali: Hulu Tamu Hot Spring.

Honestly, I’ve never heard of this hot spring until it appeared on Lipstiq as one of the 10 hot springs in Malaysia. Surprisingly, RK said he’s heard of the place and thus I researched further.  Continue reading Hulu Tamu Hot Spring at Batang Kali, Hulu Selangor

6 Reasons I Like Qi Gong

Today was one of the rarest days where I practised qi gong by myself. Not as rare as practising with the Infinite Youth Qi Gong community at 5.30am but rare enough. Today’s reason for doing qi gong was because I fell sick. Succumbed to a cold bug in lightning speed, signaling me that my immune system is probably very lousy these days.

That aside, practising qi gong today made me recall why I like qi gong.

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[FAQ] Am I On Medication After Surviving Colon Cancer?

My mom asked me if I’m on any medication since I completed my treatment (surgery and chemotherapy) for Stage 3 Colon Cancer more than a year ago. She wanted to validate that I’m not on any medication because her breast cancer survivor friend who is on medication was surprised to learn that I’m not.

I get this question a lot.

Pretty much every person who learns about my cancer and chats with me about it asks me if I’m on medication.

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#sharestrength at The Laureate Signature’s Genetic and Cancer Event

Recently, I attended a talk organized by The Laureate Signature, a wellness center that offers genetic profiling test, among other things. Mei Sze talked at the event as a special guest. She spoke about her cancer story, from pre-diagnosis to treatment and new norm after cancer.

Frankly, that was my first time hearing her talk about her cancer story in person after meeting her for 1.5 years now. I have to say that the sharing was heartfelt. Ah the clingy Big-C that stays on your mind all day even after it leaves your body. So much feels. Continue reading #sharestrength at The Laureate Signature’s Genetic and Cancer Event