Why I Started Iyengar Yoga

I did something I’ve never done in a long time over the weekend: qi gong. Because I’ve been doing something I’ve never done in the past before: yoga.

During my cancer treatment days, I used to do qi gong quite regularly as it helped me with my treatment side effects. Plus, qi gong made me feel better emotionally as well that it has become a comfort exercise. However, it’s just hard to keep up because the daily practice is at 5.45am at the stadium! And I find it hard to do it myself at later hours so I don’t think I ever did it in 2018 until recently.

In place of qi gong, I’ve been exploring yoga; iyengar yoga with Treyoga to be specific. Honestly, I haven’t studied yoga at all so I don’t know the different types of yoga. I just want to note down why I’ve started doing yoga. Continue reading Why I Started Iyengar Yoga