My First Relay for Life Malaysia

I wondered why Relay for Life has to start at 6pm until 10am the next day. I think I understood over the weekend as I joined my first Relay for Life Malaysia as a young cancer survivor, a week before my 1st year anniversary since completing cancer treatment…

The anticipation for Relay for Life started to build up about 3 weeks before the event as 4 other young cancer survivors and myself gathered for our dance practice. We volunteered to represent the young cancer survivors for a dance performance. Continue reading My First Relay for Life Malaysia

Working Out At Curves For The First Time

Over the weekend, I joined a Youth Support Group activity organized by our National Cancer Society Malaysia Youth Ambassador: Mei Sze. The group gathers cancer patients and survivors aged 18-35 years old. Mei Sze has been consistently organizing fun monthly activities and I’ve joined two so far!

The one that happened in the recent weekend was a workout session at Curves Malaysia. Curves is a female-only gym that focuses on strength training via their 30-min circuit. I’ve never been exposed to this before so it was my first time and I loved it! Continue reading Working Out At Curves For The First Time