3 Strangers Who Inspired Me To Fight Cancer The Way I Did

Today, I feel like sharing about a few persons that I have been following and are making a difference to me since my cancer diagnosis. These are people that I never knew before the Big-C, whose online advocacy has encouraged me during my treatment days.

They definitely influenced me to fight cancer the way I did.

Choo Mei Sze

The first person on the list has to be Mei Sze. I learned about her story right after my surgery via a friend. I read her blog posts and was definitely encouraged to write about my experience on my blog.

I wanted a record for my reading years after I forget the details. I wanted to share what I went through to comfort and reassure people going through similar things #sharestrength. And if my writing educates healthy young people to live better lives, that’d be awesome.

Most would know that I was featured in Mei Sze’s first episode of An Awakening series to raise awareness and funds for National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM). That video shoot marked our first meet but it was our second meet with her then-fiance, Ben, that I realized the tremendously huge heart that she has as a person.

She is very sweet and nice in person. She is very willingly taking her personal time out to help people who reach out to her. Mind you, these are people whom she did not know before that 1 email or message online somewhere. She doesn’t just respond to messages online but actually visit these “strangers” in the hospital and stuff.

For her genuine big heart and passion to save lives within her capacity, I admire her.

Mei Sze advocates for insurance for the healthy and support group for cancer survivor. She’s our first Youth Ambassador for National Cancer Society Malaysia =)

Priscilla Jenn Li

I just learned about my cancer diagnosis when Jenn’s Facebook photo album about her cancer journey went viral. I remember feeling very afraid after seeing the photos and reading the stories of her treatment days.

But I also remember feeling encouraged to face Big-C with a smile.

Go through her Facebook Page: Jenn’s Life After Cancer #spreadlovecreatelove. One thing that is very prevalent is her smile. She has such a beautiful and happy smile that makes me wonder where she gets so much joy from. She has so much positivity in her!

I do not know her personally but I did drop her message online. Facebook rates her as “typically replies within minutes”. It’s true. She replied me so quickly, I wanted to ask her if the Facebook Page is her full-time commitment!

Anyway, from our exchanges and from her postings, she seems like a very objective person to me. She’s not the type to give you baseless advices. All she does is guide you to seek clarity from doctors instead of reading or listening from unverified sources.

For her greatest smile and role as a catalyst for professionally certified information, I respect her.

Jenn advocates for living healthier and better life after cancer via balanced and nutritious diet and exercise.

Krystal Miller (Bag Lady Mama)

She doesn’t have cancer. She has Cronhn’s Disease, “a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestines, especially the colon and ileum, associated with ulcers and fistulae”.

Because of the disease, she is living with a permanent ostomy bag, “a prosthetic medical device that provides a means for the collection of waste from a surgically diverted biological system (colon, ileum, bladder) and the creation of a stoma”.

Basically, something is wrong with her intestine so she had a surgery to connect her intestine to an opening at her abdomen and wears a bag to store her poop that comes out from the opening. Yes, she poops from her tummy now.

And she is living life fabulously since.

She has been wearing the bag for 10 years now and is living a perfectly happy life as a mother of two for 4 years now. The bag didn’t crush her self confidence and didn’t stop her from charming a loving husband.

In fact, she is very proudly wearing and showing the bag when most people want to hide theirs.

For her unshakable confidence and vocalness, I adore her.

Bag Lady Mama advocates for removing stigma about and living proudly with ostomy bag.

There are many others who I follow but these 3 are my biggest inspirations and influencers. Thank you for the strength and inspiration =)

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