Got Lost Hiking at Setia Alam Community Trail

I wrote about hiking at Setia Alam Community Trail during my first hike there six months ago; took Route A up and Route B down. I actually commented that going up Route A was not physically challenging with my 4-month-old surgery wound. Today, I’m not sure if I’d say the same.

We woke up late and ended up hiking up at about the same time as my previous hike. Started at 8.30am but we were not alone even though there was definitely more people coming down than going up.

We went for Route A that ascended immediately at the grassy slope. The trail was muddy and slippery; my running shoes were definitely not the best footgear on this terrain.

setia alam hiking trail route A start point
At the starting point/entrance of Route A Setia Alam Community Trail.

I wore a cap because I didn’t want to be burned by the sun, hiking on unshaded land. While the cap protected me from the sun, it blocked my view too so I did not enjoy the view as much as I did the last round.

Anyway, not sure where we detoured but we trekked more unshaded path than we were supposed to. If my memory served me right, this detoured path was steeper too. We walked past some beautiful greens though, which I think is a great place for picnic and photoshoot. So scenic!

picnic area at setia alam community trail
There was an area fully covered with short grass like this, with big beautiful trees. There’s even a very interesting circle of trees somewhere.

This is not the part where we got lost because we managed to find our way back on Route A and reached the first peak.

route marking at setia alam community trail
We came in from the direction of my left hand when we were supposed to appear from the direction of my right hand. Regardless, we had a scenic detour!

The hike from this sad-looking first peak was a little dreadful because of the heat and the fact that civilization is destroying this beautiful landscape we have here. From another perspective, some people call this The Canyons. That definitely made the place more exciting.

kids hiking at setia alam the canyons
The kid was there for a photo. He should be proud of making it up here! Have seen kids younger than him hiking here too actually.
the canyons setia alam
This isn’t natural, is it? It’s a long stretch of unshaded “The Canyons” before we hiked to the Peak Garden.

From here-on, we were on consistent ascend until we reached Peak Garden. I was panting so loud I wondered where I got my stamina from six months ago. It was quite a stretch so I wondered why I said it was OK six months ago. It’s not a killer. I just wondered how I did it midway through my chemotherapy course.

peak garden setia alam
Here’s the iconic view from Peak Garden!
resting area at peak garden setia alam
Spot RK resting under the shelter at Peak Garden. We were covered in sweat by the time we reached here.

Anyway, I quickly learned after our rest that Route A ascend was easily overshadowed by what we encountered when we decided to take a different route down. I knew there were more routes and since we saw people going the other way, we thought we should explore too.

That marked the beginning of our memorable adventure getting lost at Setia Alam Community Trail. Haha.

hiking at setia alam community trail
We’re walking down, down, down, down. Doesn’t RK look like a nerd with this temporary specs? Hehe.

The descend was steep and long. Can’t help to stop once in a while for a few photos.

setia alam hiking terrain
We thought this was a long stretch of descend on this solid soil that can get very slippery when wet…
steep descent at setia alam hiking trail
But the stretch just didn’t stop and seemed to get even steeper and more challenging.
hiking at setia alam
Did we finally hit the end of the descent? Not sure. But it was definitely the start of realizing we were alone.

There was actually a group of hikers who left the peak shortly before us but we couldn’t catch up with them. We stumbled upon a few hikers going the opposite direction but the frequency dropped the longer we hiked aimlessly along the route. There were a few markings to the peak and for the cyclists but they weren’t very helpful in our situation. Too many junctions and I wondered how many wrong ones we took.

We trekked on trails less travelled where it kinda looked like there was a route but heavily covered by fallen leaves. Along those routes, there were so many mosquitoes right behind us that we just couldn’t afford to stop or slow down. At some point, we even started running a bit.

I believe we stumbled upon Rock Garden but with the swarm of mosquitoes that were still tailing us, plus the anxiety about getting lost on the hills, our priority was to find the fastest way out.

At every junction since, we whipped out our phones and only started to look at maps then. My MapMyWalk route was the most useful at this moment.

When we saw a motorbike riding into a junction in front of us, we kinda knew we’re near the exit already since there’s traces of human again. LOL.

But we took the wrong turn and ended up at quite a huge settlement of squatters! It looks like a legit village with barns for roasters even. Anyway, we asked the immigrants hanging out at their veranda for directions and – phew – we finally made it out the foliage…1.5km away from our car. Haha.

constructions at setia alam
This was our view when we got out of the hills.
Pretty sure RK was thinking how to revenge for dragging him into this adventure.

We could walk by the edge of the hills towards our car. Or along the foot of the hills. But we chose to just stay clear of routes less traveled and walked on tar road next to neighborhoods.

Red circle is where we came out from. Blue line is the route at the edge of the forest.
setia alam roads
We walked on this for 1.5km. Came home with a tan. LOL.

RK was so close to ordering an Uber xD

We clocked 7.21km of hike + walk in 2 hours 17 minutes, including our 10 minutes rest at the peak. Brought back lots of mosquitoe bites as well.

setia alam community trail
The route we took — If we went back by Route A/B, we would take 1/3 the journey. If we took the right turn after the Peak Garden, we would probably save 1/2 the footsteps.
elevation at setia alam hiking
Told you the descent after the peak was a very long and steep stretch. We could have just slided down.

What an adventure. Let’s just stick to the popular Route A and B next time, if I can still convince RK to go back =P

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