Penang Food Journal Dec 2017

Over the weekend, RK and I went to Penang for his friends’ wedding. We didn’t plan where we were going to visit or eat during the trip because we were travelling with a Penangite. Definitely expected the local to recommend places in Penang. Recommend he did.

We ended up eating local food that I want to pen down because I noticed I had trouble remembering Penang food I tried in past visits, just because there were too many! I kept going, “Was it Penang where we ate this roti bakar under a big tree?“, “…some fresh healthy bread that your sister said was good?“, “…thick roti canai like Terengganu’s?“, etc. Continue reading Penang Food Journal Dec 2017

Best of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Trip Oct 2017

RK and I travelled a lot during the first half of the year. Most of which we planned the end of last year after I completed all my cancer treatments. So when our travel marathon ended, it felt a little weird that there’s no more holiday to look forward to for the rest of the year.

We didn’t want to commit to another holiday because we didn’t have any wishlist. But we didn’t want to not travel too. Thus we decided we’d go for a last minute trip at the end of the year.

Our last minute 3D3N in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in mid-October became that trip. Continue reading Best of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Trip Oct 2017

Best of Malacca Weekend Trip With Friends

One of the long weekends in June, I went to Malacca in a group of 6-8 for a 3D2N trip. Two nights in Malacca? Really? Having been to Malacca at least 6 times in the past 10 years, many would wonder if I’d find anything interesting. Of course I did. In fact, the 3 days didn’t feel long at all.

#1 Play with Huskies at Huskitory

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Top 7 Highlights from Phnom Penh, Cambodia

This trip to Phnom Penh was a significant one because it was my birthday trip that I booked myself — first time booking plane tickets on my own! It’s significant also because most people who know Phnom Penh wouldn’t choose the place for a birthday destination; I knew nothing about this capital city of Cambodia when I booked the tickets in a flash during sales.

Once I learned about the gloomy history of Phnom Penh, I made effort to ensure I don’t ruin my birthday trip — I was determined to get the best out of this accidental destination.

It has been a week since my trip. Here are the top 7 highlights:

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Day Trip to Carey Island, Jugra, Banting & Jenjarom

RK and I sometimes like to go on road trips because he likes driving around while I like roaming around. It’s normally a day trip with on-the-go itinerary (read: no itinerary), like the ones we did to Malacca, Ipoh, Tanjung Sepat, Sekinchan and Bukit Tinggi. At the back of my mind, I’ve always wanted to visit the Mah Meri in Carey Island and we were finally persuaded to go after reading this full-day itinerary blog post on

We only missed one location in the reference itinerary and added our own along the way. It ended up being a day trip to Carey Island, Jugra, Banting and Jenjarom within 6 hours, excluding drive time to and fro home in Klang. Sounded a lot but some were really quick stops so it can be replicated easily.

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Top 5 YOLO Travel Moments

YOLO. You Only Live Once.

Tonight my mind wonders wildly because I’m about to embark on a YOLO trip willingly. I bought flight tickets to Taipei, Taiwan for two weeks from now! This is the most expensive flight ticket I ever bought from Jettly, but it was worth the money. This is also the first time I’d be travelling solo. Too much anxiety. Also too much excitement.

As I think about this upcoming YOLO solo trip, I recall several YOLO moments and most of them happen to be from travel experiences.

#1 Climbing a 72m tree unprotected in Australia  Continue reading Top 5 YOLO Travel Moments

Top 5 Highlights from Club Med Cherating

I’m back at work today after a week long holiday at the East Coast but I still can’t leave behind the magic of the 5 days spent at Club Med Cherating! While I’m still smiling ear to ear from my first Club Med experience, let me blog about my top 5 highlights from the stay! Continue reading Top 5 Highlights from Club Med Cherating

Short Trip to Singapore Jan 2016 – Food We Ate

I didn’t go to work on the first working day of 2016! I took leave and was at Singapore for a one-night trip with RK. Hehe. He was there for business purpose and I tagged along for a short trip to places I’ve never visited before and for a food trip to taste food I’ve never tried before. Even though it was a short trip to Singapore, it was a good one nevertheless =)

We started the drive down to Singapore from Subang at 5am I believe. We arrived at Singapore custom by 9am and started our day with food hunt based on the recommendations of his colleagues in Singapore. Let’s talk about the food that I’ve eaten during the trip in this post and leave the travel for another post.
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