Bukit Wawasan, Puchong Hiking

I’m not gonna lie: My fitness level is lousy and I found hiking at Bukit Wawasan, Puchong challenging. To give context, this was my first hike in 5 months since my hike at Setia Alam, first hike since completion of treatment 3 weeks ago and second hike this year.

Prior to the hike when I read blogs and reviews about this hiking trail, I was under the impression that it’s an easy hike. I found it easier than Ah Pek Hill (which was a killer to me) but harder than any other hikes I’ve blogged about so far. Continue reading Bukit Wawasan, Puchong Hiking

Hiking at Setia Ecopark, Setia Alam

My mom always go hiking at Setia Ecopark, Setia Alam with her friends but I’ve never been there because our schedule never matched. I wanted to go hiking one weekend but didn’t know where to go so I tagged along with them instead.

It was my first hike since my major surgery in end Jan to remove 26cm of my colon. #achievementunlocked

girl hiking at setia alam
*insert a photo with me giving a peace sign*

To my surprise, a number of Setia Alam residents did not know about this hiking trail that is located at Setia Ecopark 2, somewhere behind Setia City Mall. Continue reading Hiking at Setia Ecopark, Setia Alam

Canopy Walk at KL Forest Eco Park (Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve)

I thought there’d be the typical nature walk or hike at KL Forest Eco Park (formerly known as Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve) because that’s the usual case when there’s canopy walk, plus the place’s called a park. But nope.

We learned online that KL Forest Eco Park is opened at 7am; the signage at the park stated 8am onward though. Anyway, we only arrived at 9am and learned from the information counter at KL Tower that we need to get the free tickets from the ticketing counter for a canopy walkway tour at 10am.

We got our tickets, went to the entrance of KL Forest Eco Park located within the compound of KL Tower and discovered that the management of the park is a total haywire.

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Nature Walk at Taman Bukit Kiara Feb 2016

Long before, RK told me about nature walk at Taman Bukit Kiara: shaded and tarred walkway with pretty steep ascent; not only good for casual walk but also great for cycling. There are hiking routes that look pretty challenging to me too. And I’ve learned that over the years the park has been improved with exercise amenities.

taman bukit kiara sign
Here’s a signage at the entrance of the nature walk at Taman Bukit Kiara that I explored.

I was there over the last weekend with RK and 3 other friends — 2 adults and 1 6-month-old baby! We were there for the easiest course of course. It was the baby’s first stroll in the park (literally because she was in the stroller) and it was my steepest ascent since earning my 5-inch-long battle scar. Continue reading Nature Walk at Taman Bukit Kiara Feb 2016

Nature Walk at Taman Rakyat, Klang Feb 2016

I need to exercise 3 days a week they say. I need to go outdoor for oxygen and negative ions they say. But my surgeon says I can’t exercise yet so I took a nature walk at Taman Rakyat, Klang instead.

My first memories of Taman Rakyat were during my childhood when my mom would wake the siblings up on Sunday mornings for a hike. I remember the hike being tiring and pretty scary (due to the height) for a primary school kid. In recent years however, I don’t visit Taman Rakyat that much anymore. Regardless, the park remained as one of the most popular (if not the most popular) parks in Klang. Continue reading Nature Walk at Taman Rakyat, Klang Feb 2016

Baseball at It’s A Hit! Batting Cage, 1 Utama

Seriously, I’ve never heard of this automated baseball batting cage in 1 Utama until the gang suggested baseball for our supposedly-monthly fitness activity. Play baseball at the rooftop of 1 Utama Shopping Centre? Is it a new business? Apparently not. I did some digging and traced its website in 2006, saying it’s opening in May 2006! I suddenly feel like “katak di bawah tempurung”.

This was the website design in 2006. I thought it looked better than the one they have now: www.hit.com.my

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Ice Skating at Sunway Pyramid Ice 2015

During college years, ice skating occasionally popped up as after-class activity because it’s fun and it’s accessible at Sunway Pyramid that’s just 15 minutes away from college. Somehow, it’s not a thing anymore upon leaving college and I thought it’d be interesting to do ice skating at Sunway Pyramid Ice as fitness activity with friends this weekend.

group ice skating
The gang in our skating shoes at Sunway Pyramid Ice.

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Hiking at FRIM Kepong

Not sure what happened but somehow I have been hiking more often since I started this blog and thus the frequency of hiking posts. About two weeks ago, I went hiking at FRIM Kepong (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) with a few friends because we learned that there’s a Canopy Walkway. Continue reading Hiking at FRIM Kepong

Broga Hill Hiking 2015

After our separate experiences at the much-dreaded Ah Pek Hill hiking, Alicia wanted to go for hiking at Broga Hill because we have been telling her Broga Hill hiking is so much easier than Ah Pek Hill but she has never been there.

So over the recent weekend, we decided to defy the long public holiday weekend mantra of sleeping in. RK and myself woke up at 4am so that we could meet Alicia and Victor early to leave Subang Jaya at 5am. The drive to the foot of Broga Hill took us less than an hour. We started hiking by 6am. Whoaaa.

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